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MS Metro Go Tell Crusade Affects BHS


 For a year now, the people of Go Tell America have been planning a “Crusade” for our area. At first, I was unsure what to think of it all. It is no secret that Mississippi sits right in the southern “bible belt,” but that stereotype does not always represent all southern communities. Brandon has always been a place where many different ideas can be expressed; I was unsure how our community would react. 

This month, the Go Tell America crew came to Brandon, Mississippi, for the Metro Go Tell Crusade at the Brandon Amphitheater. This Crusade ran from October 15th through the 18th, with the 18th being a youth night that specifically called the elementary through high school kids of Mississippi to the event. That night was called “The Awakening.” Every night was open to the community and completely free. Speakers Rick Gage, Ken Freeman, and Scott Camp gave powerful sermons each night. At the event, people could be seen praying for each other and celebrating with one another over what God was doing and is doing in our community. 

The Awakening

While each night of the Crusade had high attendance, the last night, Wednesday, October 18th, brought record-breaking numbers to the amphitheater. Ten thousand-plus people were in attendance that night, with the majority being students. Crowds began to form around 6:00 pm as the night started with pre-service hype, free pizza, and worship led by our Brandon High School FCA band. As the night progressed, an overwhelming sense of joy and peace filled the theater as over ten thousand students were seen worshiping and praying over each other. 

BHS and FCA 

Leading up to the awakening, BHS’ FCA organized our annual Fields of Faith event. Despite inclement weather, God was still able to work in miraculous ways. Over 200 students were at the event, setting a new standard for attendance. The service did not have its shortage of difficulties, everywhere from weather causing a last-minute venue change to the sound system not working until 5 minutes before it started. Nevertheless, God was still able to move in radical ways. Rick Gage spoke to the students, resulting in over 80 decisions for the advancement of God’s kingdom. 

With the awakening happening in our backyard at our own amphitheater, it is no surprise that the students of Brandon High School have been affected. 

As I walked into the school on October 19th, 2023, I was shocked to hear conversations about the bible and Jesus filling our campus. Many students took it upon themselves to hold their bibles as they walked between classes. A few of our students decided they would get creative with being bold for Jesus. During the second class period that day, those students went to every girl’s restroom in the school and created “Prayer Sinks.” A simple piece of notebook paper labeled the mirror and several sticky notes with bible verses and encouraging messages accompanied it. On the wall right next to the mirror, there was one last sticky note that said, “Add to it.” That final sticky note lit a fire in the hearts and minds of the students at BHS. Soon, every bathroom was filled with sticky notes in every handwriting, color, and state imaginable. Just as soon as they went up, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram knew. 

No one dared to ask if it was okay, but I believe there was a mutual understanding on the matter. Even if people did not believe in religion or God, they loved the positive light and beautiful unity the prayer sinks brought to our school. A few days later, some encouraging notes popped up in the boy’s restroom as well. This light has been infectious in Brandon High School, and I, for one, hope it doesn’t go dim for a long time. 


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