Welcome to Brandon

Welcome to Brandon

When entering a new school environment, you may have watched those silly little YouTube videos about “What to do once you get to high school!” While these videos may be great, you need more preparation for the high school experience at Brandon High School. Our school is home to many students with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and views on life. At first, you’ll ask yourself, “why am I here?”, “how could I possibly fit in?” Well, lucky for you, this is a place where imperfections are perfect. Somehow, some way, you will find your home here.

Our motto this year is “Own It!”. Dr. Marshall says we should own our brand, mistakes, and successes. Not many environments allow you to make mistakes- let alone have a second chance at creating your future. Brandon High has the resources students need to succeed; there are teachers, counselors, janitors, principals, and plenty of others with a shoulder to lean on. Join a club or any of our great sports teams! These groups and athletics are here for students like you to get involved! As you get further into your high school career, you’ll have to start preparing for the ACT, which can be one of the main determining factors of where you go to college. Brandon High has a fantastic set of resources to aid you in mastering the ACT.

At first, it might seem strange; you’ll undoubtedly wonder about your position within this complicated ecosystem. But rest assured, you will find your people here. You will find your home here. Welcome to Brandon High School!

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